Well i see you wanted to know more you little basturd. You're obsessed with me. Good thing i am too.

My name is Jamie or Tadhg, but you can call me Will or Klaus or Mildred or Andi. I am a transsexual and use he/him pronouns and also I am gay. Sorry ladies but you wouldn't want this package anyways. I am 6teen years old most of the time and I have favvourite foods and I like to cook them. I'm Irish-American and my father is dead but he was an asshole so it's ok. I look a lot like him though which puts a rain on my parade. I like bands a normal amount and I'm a bit kooky in the head. Wacky, one might say. My therapist calls it a dissociative disorder with psychosis and ADHD. I almost didn't get let in to school because they said I had "excessive wiggling" issues, but my intelligence was fine so my mummah had me put in and I cried my first day because they made me sit still and they had pancakes which were my favourite food but nobody told me where to find the utensils and condiments and so I ate them dry and with my hands. ← My Joker origin story. Anyways I also play a variety of instruments including and limited to bass guitar and viola. I've been playing bass for 3 years and viola for 6. I'm not good at either but I'm first chair in my high school orchestra so. IDK. I'm a big fan of asymmetry so I only have one earring and only paint my nails on one hand and I'm a massive stoner and an onn/off recovering alcoholic. I love you. If you looi to your right you will see puppy
Things I am a slut for:
❥ Sunglasses
❥ Eye imagery
❥ Blood stuff
❥ Men with facial hair
❥ Gerard
❥ Shopping malls
❥ Trains
❥ Teeth
❥ Jackets
❥ Abandined buildings
❥ Leather